A Wonderful Gift

A Wonderful Gift


Mary Bradley, who spent a lifetime working with cancer patients and was Weston Park’s first superintendent radiographer, has gifted Weston Park Cancer Charity in excess of £300,000 in her will. Mary, who sadly died on 30 April 2018, played a pivotal role in planning the new radiotherapy department. Her pride and dedication in the department she helped to build is something she was well known for.


The only radiotherapy department in South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire, Weston Park Cancer Centre serves a population of over 1.34 million – and with one in two people diagnosed with cancer there is a growing need to treat more patients than ever before.


“The basic science and practice of radiotherapy hasn’t changed but it has been refined and improved, with increasing accuracy in treating the tumour target whilst avoiding damage to surrounding tissues,” explains Professor
Barry Hancock.“Care of the patient was then, and is now, a top priority.Weston Park Hospital has been at the forefront of radiotherapy development and research and these pioneering changes have been made possible by charitable gifts such as Mary’s. She was caring, practical, a lovely lady and authoritative leader. Her leadership and vision were an example to future radiotherapy practitioners.”


Over one-third of income to Weston Park Cancer Charity comes from legacy donations. It funds not only support, advice and services to patients and their families, but research, treatment trials and improving hospital facilities. Gifts left in a will, like Mary’s, are a lifeline for the work of our world-leading cancer specialists and staff who deliver support at every step of the way.


“Mary’s incredible legacy donation is testament to her generosity and commitment to help people affected by cancer,” adds Helen Gentle, deputy director of fundraising at Weston Park Cancer Charity. “We are really grateful to Mary and everyone who chooses to support our vital work by leaving a gift in their will. From exceptionally large gifts such as the one Mary has kindly left, to smaller amounts, supporting the charity in this special way helps us give patients access to the very best cancer care services both now and in the future. We are indebted to Mary and honour the memory of everyone who acts in this selfless way to ensure our work lives on.”

Preparing a patient for the 5 million volt linear accelerator at Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield, are enrolled nurses Nancy Oxlade (le.) and Maureen O’Grady. On the right is superintendent radiographer, Mrs Mary Bradley – 28 October 1971


In September, Weston Park Cancer Charity honoured those who have generously left a gift in their will with a new artwork installation at the Cancer Support Centre. During this time, staff came together to pay tribute to the life and legacy to all of the generous donors who have remembered Weston Park Hospital with a legacy gift.