What We Do

From funding life-saving research to providing practical help and emotional support, it’s our job to care in every sense for our patients and their families.


Our help is free. This is what we do.


We fund life-saving research


Weston Park is one of just 18 experimental cancer medical centres in the UK. Research and clinical trials are vital to developing the understanding  of cancer, its causes and potential cures. It’s expertise we can share with others and in many cases, it has changed the outcome for Weston Park patients, around 600 of whom participate in a trial each year. The impact of the funding we put into research and trials very often saves lives.


We enhance treatment


The treatment of cancer is tough, but small things can make a big difference. In the hospital we’ve improved wards, funding artwork and improved furnishings. We buy books, magazines and children’s activity packs to help pass the time. We provide pamper sessions and complementary therapies like massage, to help patients feel better, or yoga sessions that their families can join in with. They’re just little touches, but they make a  huge difference to how patients feel about their treatment.


We deliver real support


In our cancer support centre, or in the community and closer to home for patients, we offer all kinds of practical and emotional help. We enable patients and their families to get professional advice, emotional support, the chance to make friends,  join in with activities like craft or singing, or just  to have a quiet place to be themselves.


We care in every sense


Cancer doesn’t just attack us physically, and it doesn’t just change everything for a patient –  it can turn life upside down for whole families. So the care we give is complete, designed to help patients and the people around them with the physical, emotional and even the financial challenges.


We promise patients we are together  at every step – all they need to do is call, and we’ll  do everything we can.


By supporting us, you make it possible for us to be there, for every patient and their families, at every step.