We enable research

We fund vital research and clinical trials of global relevance, enabling our medical professionals to understand and treat cancer better, in a way that changes and saves lives.


We’re more able than ever to treat cancer, and we’re constantly making progress and improving care, survival and management.


Cancer survival rates have more than doubled since the Weston Park opened in 1970, with some incredible advances: only around 44% of women with breast cancer survived in the 1970s – now, more than 77% live for at least 10 years after diagnosis. That’s thanks, in large part, to research and that’s a huge part of what we fund.

“Put very simply, the research study at Weston Park Hospital saved my life and meant that I was able to see my children grow up.”

After John was faced with the devastating news that his cancer was terminal, he refused to accept it, and ultimately ended up participating in a clinical trial that has extended his life greatly; enabling him to see his sons through their education, qualify in their respected professions, get married and have children.

Speciality Obstetrics and Gynaecology Registrar, Dr Victoria Parker, was inspired to put her career on hold and embark upon her PhD research at the University of Sheffield after caring for patients experiencing a molar pregnancy – where abnormal cells grow in the womb instead of a healthy foetus and placenta. Read more about Victoria’s research >

“My research just wouldn’t be possible without funding from the charity. Not only could it change the lives of the women I’m working with, it could change the way it’s understood, detected and treated across the world. The ripple effects of what the charity is making possible here in Sheffield go so far.” Victoria Parker

Weston Park is one of just 18 experimental cancer medical centres in the UK allowing better access to clinical trials and supporting the development of new treatments.

Thanks to the response to our fundraising campaign, the Cancer Clinical Trials Centre opened in 1999. With the continued support of donors the centre has now funded over 900 trials involving 16,000 patients and made advances that are changing cancer care around the world.