Apply For Funding

There are more people in the UK living with cancer now than at any time in our history – with one in two people now likely to be diagnosed with cancer.


Therefore the need to provide high quality cancer care, research and treatment is increasing. On 1st May 2018 the Weston Park Cancer Charity and the Cancer Support Centre merged to create a stronger organisation which can respond to this need. We want to directly help 47,000 patients and carers over the next five years.


Applications to the research, care and treatment committees are currently open and will be reviewed by the board of trustees in March.



Our research grants invest in medical, scientific and care-related research to enable people to live longer or better lives with cancer now or in the future.


Our treatment grants invest to further improve treatment at Weston Park Cancer Centre through the funding of cutting-edge equipment and patient facilities which add value to NHS provision.


Our care grants aim to provide support and care for more people affected by cancer. Over the next five years, we aim to respond to a minimum of 100,000 requests for support.

How to apply

For more information about the application process please contact our Grant Officer, Ruby Osborn at [email protected] or by telephone 07496 964553.