Large grants

We offer grants to fund equipment or consumables, or to ‘pump prime’ or test activity which is research-based or which improves the quality of care, treatment of support of patients or their families.



Testing of Rapid Discharge Taxi service; research carried out by university / hospital; Firefly transport scheme



The amount of available funding varies, but is typically £250,000 or more, with individual project amounts of between £10,000 and £100,000 over three years.


Approval process and deadline:

The November 2017 Grant Funding Round at Weston Park Cancer Charity is now open, and we invite you to bid for funding.


Download a copy of the Large Grant Application Form to complete your application.

Please read the Guidance notes for application form before submitting your application.


Who can apply?

Weston Park Hospital staff, the universities or other agencies within the wider cancer network where the work benefits cancer patients and their carers across our region.


Approval timescale:

Completed application forms should be submitted to Weston Park Cancer Charity by Wednesday 10th January 2018.


Please note, as part of the application there is a peer review process, applicant interviews, followed by referral to the Advisory Panel and recommendations to Trustees for approval. This process can take up to six months from the application deadline.