One off projects

Over the years, our funds have played a pivotal role in bringing world-class treatments and research to Weston Park Hospital, giving our patients access to the latest advances in the treatment of the disease.


Not only does this improve the quality of cancer services across the board but helps our world-leading clinicians better understand the disease, paving the way for the hope of one day finding a cure.


Through the dedicated and tireless efforts of our local community, corporate partners, donors and volunteers we are able to support project grant applications from hospital staff, the universities and other agencies within the wider cancer network.


This year alone, we are delighted to have been able to invest significantly in our large grant funding round (£482,000) in addition to our commitment to support Early Phase Trials (over £163,000), GTD research (£100,000) and Radiotherapy research.


As demand for funding continues to increase, we have taken the decision to review our large grant funding call and subsequently are not be taking applications at present. Please note that the large grant round which would have traditionally taken place in October / November has been postponed.


By doing so, it provides us with a unique opportunity to re-group and review our strategy which we believe will enable us to be in a better position to respond to future funding requests throughout the year.


As a charity, we are proud of what we have achieved and remain steadfast in our commitment to create a better life for cancer patients locally.


Please continue to check the website for all the latest news regarding the funding call and updates on charitable funded projects.