Weston Park Cancer Charity supports high quality research with the potential to improve the lives of cancer patients both now and in the future.
  • We will support high quality, patient- focused research conducted by the Cancer Clinical Trials Centre at Weston Park Hospital and related research groups within the city that helps secure continued nationally-esteemed ‘Experimental Cancer Medical Centre’ (ECMC) status and improves the quality and quantity of cancer research necessary to compete for CR-UK Cancer Centre status in the future. This will help attract the best medical staff to work in Sheffield and give patients the opportunity to participate in ground-breaking clinical trials.
  • We will invest in research and new technologies that can improve the effectiveness, tolerability and/or cost effectiveness of treatment.
  • We will test new models of care and patient support that can enable people with cancer to live better lives and retain or regain their independence.


We have one new research grant available and encourage collaboration. Total costs up to £300,000 (£100,000 per year) per application will be considered, for a maximum project duration of three years.


Our research aim is to invest in medical, scientific and care-related research that can enable people to live longer or better lives with or beyond cancer focusing on four themes:

  • Preventing cancer spread
  • Bringing new treatments to the clinic
  • Integrating modern imaging into patient care
  • Improving quality of life and the cancer experience during and beyond treatment


This is a two-step application process open to any local institution that conducts academic research (ie hospital or university). Please note that students are not eligible to apply, however the grant can still be used to fund them; the main applicant would have to be a research group leader or equivalent, although postdocs can be co-applicants.

Applications close 15th December 2021 for step-one outline applications. These will be reviewed by the Research Committee in January 2022, shortlisted outline applications will then be invited to submit a full application.


The closing date for full applications is 25th March 2022. These applications will then be sent for external peer review. Successful applicant/s can access funding from 1st September 2022.


For more information about the application process and deadlines please contact our Grant Manager, DR Ruby Osborn, PhD – [email protected] or by telephone 07496 964553.