Bold new look, bold new ambitions for Weston Park Cancer Charity

Bold new look, bold new ambitions for Weston Park Cancer Charity

On October 14th, Weston Park Cancer Charity will launch its new brand identity, along with a bold five-year ambition to support more patients and families than ever.


The charity’s strategic plan for the next five years, includes helping a total of 47,000 cancer patients and relatives – that’s an increase of over 50% on current numbers.


“More people than ever are facing cancer”, said Samantha Dixon, ceo at Weston Park Cancer Charity. “One in two of us will develop cancer, so it’s fair to assume we will all be affected directly or indirectly by cancer in our lifetimes. We serve over 1.3 million people, so that’s a lot of support, care, treatment and help our charity has to be ready to deliver.”

The new brand also brings together the charity and the cancer support centre, where many of the charity’s support services are delivered. “It’s really about uniting us all – the charity, support centre and Weston Park Cancer Centre,” explained Samantha. “Everything we do, from supporting patients, to funding lifesaving research or equipment is a joined-up effort to help everyone live the best possible life with and beyond cancer – we even invite hospital staff to use our services when there’s capacity. We are all in it together when it comes to helping patients – it makes sense for our brand to unite us too. The closer we work together the more we can raise and the further that funding can reach.”


Weston Park Cancer Charity began fundraising in 1994. Since then, donors and fundraisers have given over £25million to help the charity. “That money does amazing things, and we really want to demonstrate what our supporters have helped us achieve,” said Emma Clarke, director of services and grant-giving. “We’ve funded vital research that will improve survival and recovery rates and tackle the causes of cancer. We’re enhancing treatment with things like complementary therapies that have such an impact, or making wards even nicer places to be. And our Support Centre offers a sanctuary, where we help people with the emotional, financial and practical impact cancer has on their lives. We listen, support, pamper and connect people through social activities. We’re even taking that out of the centre now to be closer to where people live and work, making it easier for them to access our help.”


The new brand, developed by The Cafeteria in Sheffield, retains the colours the charity is known for, but is designed to reflect the movement and energy of charity’s work. “Our name is well known”, explained Rebecca Simpson, the charity’s marketing and communications manager, “but we really wanted something that would feel more reflective of our personality – nothing stops moving here and there’s a real urgency and energy to our work as we look for more and better ways to help patients and families cope with and beat cancer.”



Samantha Dixon

Chief Executive Officer