Cancer changes everything, but even in lockdown, so can we.

Cancer changes everything, but even in lockdown, so can we.

Right now, many of our patients and their families aren’t just facing cancer. The Covid-19 outbreak has disrupted so much of the treatment and support that cancer patients and their families rely on. It’s the reason our support services make a real difference to people facing cancer or those caring for them, even when our centre is closed.


“It’s so lovely of you to call to see how we are doing. What a wonderful service at such a frightening time – thank you.”


We had hoped to resume some face to face services by now, but with recent lockdown restrictions we have had to put these plans on pause for now. We’ve really missed seeing people in our support centre, but we’ve been delivering services and support online and over the phone and we’re constantly adapting the way our services are delivered to ensure we can still be there to face cancer with you.


“I just want to say thank you to you all for continuing to run the service. Coming to the centre has always made a massive difference to me and just to know that you are still there is so incredibly comforting.”


The funds we raise also support pioneering research and clinical trials which are vital while cancer remains the major cause of death in the UK today. It’s our job to care in every sense for our patients and their families. Our help is free, and we’re here for you, as we get through this, together at every step.


“Thank you so much for your help and support at this time when my family and I are so vulnerable and afraid. Your help has helped us bear this situation a little better.”

You won’t be surprised to hear that covid-19 has hit our fundraising hard and we know this is not going to change overnight. Just as the impact of the pandemic will roll on, so will the effects of our reduced funds. This year alone, we are predicting an overall shortfall of around £1.5 million and as a charity solely funded through donations, this has and will continue to bring about many difficult decisions.


As always, we are committed to working as efficiently as possible to ensure every pound raised makes a real difference to those living with and beyond cancer and it is with great regret that we have made a number of our valued staff redundant. As you can imagine, this has been a very difficult decision but our work has changed, and will continue to change as a result of Covid. With this in mind, we’re also introducing a small number of new roles so that we can be there at every step for the one in two of us that will develop cancer.


We believe we can recover and have ambitious plans for the future which will help us support more people in more ways, even as the pandemic continues to affect us and our patients in the days, months and even years ahead.


When cancer changes everything, so can you. To give or get involved visit or call 0114 553 3330.