Cancer changes everything.

Cancer changes everything.

Cancer changes everything. But even in lockdown, so can we.


Here’s how…


As a charity, funded solely through donations, we and the work we do depends entirely on the generosity of people and businesses across the region and beyond.


So, as always it’s our supporters who make our work possible. It’s thanks to their continued support that we’ve been able to adapt quickly and find new ways to reach more people and support them to live life with cancer, even as the pandemic continues to unfold;


“I just want to say thank you to you all for continuing to run the service. It’s always made a massive difference to me and just to know that you are still there is so incredibly comforting.”


The treatment of cancer is tough, but small things can make a big difference. In the hospital we’ve found news ways to support staff such as buying 19 tablets which will be “really helpful when we do our CNS clinics so we can keep seeing patients face to face.”


We’ve also funded 37 emergency hardship grants providing essential support for people struggling with the financial impact of Covid-19. From food shops to essential items this grant is a lifeline for people.


And, as part of our commitment to care in every sense, healthcare professionals have made over 500 ‘We Care’ calls to catch up with patients since lockdown began. Information and support radiographer, Emily explains; “When I ask if people are ok and they say ‘yes, I’m alright’, I can tell if there’s something there and we often get to it, somehow. There’s usually something we can do to help – give medical advice, speak to medical teams on their behalf, give information on benefits, book them some legal help, we’re even doing the ‘look good, feel better’ workshops online now. Most often, just talking matters most.”


“I was feeling quite down before about being in isolation for so long, but after this chat I feel so much better and more positive.”


Throughout 2020, we celebrate 50 years of Weston Park Cancer Centre and with many celebratory events cancelled or postponed 380 people pledged to support us financially so that we can continue to be there for every patient and their families, at every step. Right now, this support means more than ever as we prepare to face a 40-50% reduction in income this year alone.


“From supporting frontline NHS staff to providing support via our helpline, every donation makes a real difference to someone living with cancer. So I’d like to say a very special thank you to everyone who has supported us, for helping us to get this far and for all you’ve made and continue to make possible” comments Weston Park Cancer Charity’s CEO, Samantha Dixon.


For one in two of us cancer will become a reality. You can help us be ready for anyone who needs us, now, throughout the pandemic and beyond. Thank you. Never stop.


Pictured: Jo Beaumont and Kash Purohit with their new tablets for use in the outpatient clinic at Weston Park Cancer Centre