Covid-19 has challenged everyone

Covid-19 has challenged everyone

Covid-19 has challenged everyone. But we’ve found new ways to keep our helpline running.


Pictured: Emma Clarke, director of services and grant-giving working from home during the pandemic, so that we can continue to be there at every step for people affected by cancer.


We’re there for the one in two of us who will develop cancer, with practical, emotional and financial support. Today, as patients face the added worry of Covid-19 we’re busy finding new ways to ensure people can still get the support they need.


We’re finding news ways, like our food shopping service which has delivered 28 emergency food shops to 4 individuals.


We’ve also provided specialist bereavement support on 93 occasions to people who have lost a much-loved partner, family member or friend to cancer. Bereavement specialist Vicky explains “whilst we are unable to take away the overwhelming pain and sadness that someone may be experiencing, our knowledgeable staff can try to help people understand the grieving process and the wide range of feelings that people may feel.”


“You’ve been amazing, it’s honestly been like negotiating a minefield these last few weeks but you have really helped me through it.”


Since lockdown began our healthcare team have also answered over 3,000 calls responding to questions such as; “Will my treatment be stopped – or will it even start? How long until I can have surgery?”.


“When the pandemic first started, we knew we needed to act quickly so that we could continue to support people, even when our centre is closed. We’ve moved services online and found new ways to support people who would normally access face to face services. We’ve also introduced new things like emergency grants to help people with unexpected financial challenges” comments Weston Park Cancer Charity’s CEO, Samantha Dixon.


Cancer is still here, so we’re still here. No matter what.


If you or someone you know needs help, advice, or support we are still here during the Covid-19 outbreak. Just call us on 0114 553 3330 and we’ll do everything we can to help.