Funding breakthroughs

Funding breakthroughs

Investment from the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and Weston Park Cancer Charity has enabled the rapid growth of the centre and secured the ‘very best’ academic talent.


The team, comprising research nurses, radiographers, data managers, laboratory technicians and administrative staff, work tirelessly to manage and carry out the vast and intricate work contributing to the overarching goal; to achieve the best outcomes for those fighting cancer.


Centre Manager, Wendy Wilson said, “Over the years, the centre has been involved in and delivered some important ‘first in patient’ trials, and invested in early stage research projects which have ultimately transformed the way certain cancers are treated across the world. It is extremely important for us to attract and retain high quality researchers and oncologists so that the centre in Sheffield can ensure our patients receive the highest standard of treatment and care.”


Last year, 1,402 patients across the Sheffield cancer network were recruited to a clinical trial and investments were made into many projects including surgery, bone oncology, drug development and improving radiotherapy treatments.


Lead Research Nurse, Alison Clarke said, “We rely on funding each year from Weston Park Cancer Charity to expand and improve the way research is delivered. Without this support, the Centre would simply not have achieved the successes it has over the last 20 years. Research undertaken ultimately saves lives and the more research we can do, the more families in our region can stay together for longer.”