Collection tins

You can help us to change the lives of local cancer patients by hosting a collection tin in your workplace. Our secure collection tins can be placed anywhere so it’s a great way to fundraise if you are short on time.


It’s a simple yet effective way of raising vital funds for Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield and every donation will enable us to help more patients and their families in the fight against cancer.


You’ve got to be tin it to win it!
  1. To request a collection tin, please contact [email protected] or call 0114 553 3330.
  2. We’ll drop you off a collection tin to place in your organisation so you can watch the money roll in.
  3. When your collection tin is full contact the Charity Team and we’ll arrange one of our volunteers to collect and replace your tin.
  4. We’ll send you a certificate telling you how much you’ve raised so that you can display it with pride.

Could you place collection tins in the shops and pubs on your local high street? If so, why not join the team as a collection tin volunteer?