Give in Celebration

Celebrate and Remember


We are receiving more and more donations from generous individuals wishing to donate to the charity in lieu of gifts!


Special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are providing great opportunities for people to ask friends and family to donate to Weston Park Cancer Charity, rather than buy a gift.


If you would like to donate in celebration, please register your event with us first


Head over to one of the many free fundraising pages such as Virgin Money and set up your own donation page. These pages allow your friends and family to donate money while leaving you a congratulations or celebratory message. You can also ask guests to contribute in a more traditional way, by asking for cash or cheque donations (made payable to Weston Park Cancer Charity).


We will always send a letter of thanks to you showing our appreciation, which you can pass on to your guests if you’d like them to see how much they raised.