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As always, it’s our supporters who make our work possible. But now we face even greater challenges – the Covid-19 outbreak means our patients don’t just face cancer, but increased anxiety, isolation and stress. We’re expecting to lose about 40% of our funding this year, but need  to achieve more than ever.


We can only promise patients and families we’ll be there at every step, when we know you’re here too. From gifts left in wills, or innovative fundraising activities to the change from people’s pockets, every penny helps us help patients and families.


Right now, you matter more than ever.


You won’t be surprised to hear that Covid-19 has hit our fundraising hard, just as we need it most. And we know that this is not going to change overnight – just as the impact of the pandemic will roll on, so will the effects of our reduced funds.


We’re so determined to protect our patients and families from feeling that impact. We’re working as efficiently as we can to ensure that every pound raised makes a real difference to those living with and beyond cancer. Besides, it’s Weston Park’s 50th anniversary – we can’t let that go without making a special effort!


So we’re asking everyone who supported us, who cares and is connected to our work and the difference it makes – can you help us make this a special year?


For one in two of us, cancer will become a reality.

You can help us be ready for anyone who needs us.