Safety Tips

Stay Safe

Your safety when participating in Team Weston Park fundraising activities is of utmost importance to us. Take some time to read through our safety tips and always seek specialist safety training before taking part in intensive physical activity.


Remember – we’re here to help if you need additional support with your fundraising or if you have any questions. Just contact the Weston Park Cancer Charity team! 


Safety Tips

Team Weston Park fundraising activities can be great fun but your safety is what really matters to us. Here are some tips to ensure your challenge goes as smoothly as possible…




  • Check your route, and if possible go for a dry run to get a feel for what you’re likely to expect
  • If using specialist equipment, check everything is working correctly. If possible, get it checked by a professional
  • If your challenge will be particularly strenuous, be sure to inform your GP. They will be able to advise on any extra precautions to take
  • Prepare a first aid kit and designate a team member to carry the equipment – if your challenge is part of an organised event, there may be first aid professionals on hand, so do check on the event website
  • When taking part in bike rides, you may want to consider taking out insurance




  • Wear protective clothing, particularly on bike rides. Helmets are essential!
  • Wear appropriate clothing and if walking, running or cycling at night, wear reflective or hi-vis bands or vests
  • Stay hydrated
  • Listen to the advice of marshals and officials
  • When walking or cycling alone, make sure somebody knows what you are doing and where you are, and take a method of communication such as a mobile phone with you in case of emergency
  • When riding on public roads, follow the Highway Code at all times
  • When riding off road, stay at a comfortable pace, give way to walkers, wheelchair users and horse riders and do not ride on footpaths, bridleways or pavements




  • To avoid injury make sure you take the time to cool down properly
  • Immediately after your challenge, keep warm by adding layers of clothing
  • Refuel and replace lost fluids by drinking plenty of liquids and having a high energy snack