Harry Gration MBE meets Kevin McCabe

Harry Gration MBE meets Kevin McCabe

In an exclusive interview, Harry Gration MBE recently spoke to Kevin McCabe revealing the life of a man behind a national and global business in real estate and leisure.


Hosted by WP2020 for Business, the event is designed to encourage businesses to invest in the pioneering cancer research which is taking place at Weston Park Hospital – the region’s only specialist cancer centre.


Over the years, charitable funds have played a pivotal role in bringing world-class treatments and research to Weston Park Hospital, giving patients access to the latest advances in the treatment of the disease. Not only does this improve the quality of cancer services across the board but helps Weston Park’s world-leading clinicians better understand the disease, paving the way for the hope of one day finding a cure.


As Harry himself commented; “The initiative Greg Dyke set up – WP2020 for Business – enables so many people to benefit. It’s wonderful that Sheffield is credited for its ground-breaking research.


“By 2020, one in two of us could have to experience the disease, in some way, shape or form, so we urge you to be as generous as you possibly can be. Businesses in Sheffield, as I know because I have been involved with them quite significantly for many years, are very generous and we are hoping that this will be the same.”


Kevin McCabe added: “For both of us, Weston Park is one of the UK’s top cancer hospitals, no question about that.”


The event, hosted at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, was open to WP2020 for Business members.


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