Hospital heroes at Christmas

Hospital heroes at Christmas

Whilst many people enjoy a relaxing festive break the dedicated staff at Weston Park Hospital will not stop. With the help of Weston Park Cancer Charity, they are determined to provide the highest level of care for patients and their families this Christmas.


As a healthcare professional, working weekends and special holidays comes with the territory and Christmas is no exception. As Ward Sister, Leigh explains; “Christmas Day is no different, but giving care on this day more than any other is a privilege and honour for me and I find it highly rewarding. I’m extremely grateful for a job where I can care for others, knowing I’ve helped them feel safe and hopefully allowing them to celebrate in ease makes being away from my family worthwhile.”


After losing her own Mum to the disease, very sadly on Christmas Day itself, Leigh knows just how hard this time of year can be for families affected by cancer. On Christmas Day, Weston Park Hospital staff will go above and beyond to make the atmosphere as happy as possible. Even small things like wearing tinsel in their hair, playing Christmas music and giving out the gifts donated by the charity, all go a long way to bringing normality and happiness to the wards despite such difficult circumstances.


Leigh says “Supporting a loved one in hospital is always hard but facing this at Christmas is especially difficult. Christmas is a time of mixed emotions for me; I’ll think about my family at home and reminisce about memories from previous Christmas Day’s with my Mum. I’ll miss them and feel guilty for a moment, but alongside the Weston Park team I’m determined to do what I can to make the holiday season the best it can be for patients who are too ill to be enjoying all those things with their own families at home.”


By supporting the Christmas Star appeal you could help buy a small Christmas gift for patients who are too poorly to go home and help spread some much needed festive cheer for patients and their families visiting the hospital this Christmas.


Your support will also enable Weston Park Hospital to continue their vital work in the New Year, helping to create a better life for thousands of local people affected by cancer.


To support Weston Park Cancer Charity’s Christmas Star appeal, kindly sponsored by Napoleons, visit