Joanne shares her hospital experience with us

Joanne shares her hospital experience with us

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic cancer referrals have been down by 75% in the UK but at Weston Park now referrals are almost back to normal levels. The team at the Centre have continued providing urgent care throughout the outbreak and very quickly redesigned many services to enable care to continue where it was appropriate and safe for patients.


There was certainly a difference in the hospital from when I was there previously in January to have my Radiotherapy.
On my visit I attended the 4th floor, then onto X-ray and then onto Pharmacy. I think I saw around ten patients as I was walking around. Without as many patients around, this all seemed very strange.
Everything was well organised regarding the set-up. Staff were questioning people on their arrival and making sure you washed your hands as soon as you walked in. Also the areas that are all set up for social distancing are in place in every department with plenty of hand gel around. I wore my face mask as did every member of staff. I felt very safe with all these measures in place.

Again everyone was as friendly as always at the hospital and I would like to thank staff at Weston Park for everything they have done for me. This hospital is a real credit to Sheffield.


It is clear that even though we still need to be aware of Covid-19 this should not stop people who are worried about symptoms of cancer from contacting their GP so that they can be assessed and referred to Weston Park if needed.


Cancer is still going on and early detection saves lives.


Written by Joanne.



If you or someone you know with cancer needs help, advice or support, we are still here. Just call us on 0114 553 3330 Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.