Lockdown didn’t stop cancer changing everything for our patients and families.

Lockdown didn’t stop cancer changing everything for our patients and families.

Cancer doesn’t just attack us physically, and it doesn’t just change everything for a patient – it can turn life upside down for whole families.


So the care we give is complete, designed to help with the physical, emotional and even financial challenges.


Since lockdown began, we’ve delivered over 77 mindfulness sessions designed to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. Delivered over the phone, or via Zoom, and as a group or one-to-one we can guide you through relaxation techniques to help if you’re feeling stressed or anxious.


“I have had three one-to-one mindfulness sessions with Fran and have found them very comforting and supportive in the present predicament. The exercises have enabled me to sink into a better frame of mind and encouraged a new vision of myself.”


We’ve also delivered 513 welfare appointments, with our experienced advisors, helping with issues like benefits, debt problems, housing and employment;


“Discovering that either you or a family member has cancer is a horrible experience and at the same time you have to navigate through a complex financial situation. Simply put this service is invaluable. Thank you so much for your help and support at this time when my family and I are so vulnerable and afraid. Your help has helped us bear this situation a little better.”


At Weston Park Cancer Charity, we also recognise the emotional impact of cancer and the challenges faced by those caring for friends and family with the disease. So far, we’ve delivered 180 sessions to people looking after or caring for someone with cancer.


Patients and families need our help and support services more than ever. We still have ambitious plans for the future which will help us to support more people, in more ways, even as Covid-19 continues to affect us and our patients.