Losing a loved one to cancer

Losing a loved one to cancer

Whilst there are nearly three million people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis, there are still many that will not survive the disease and the impact that this may have on their loved ones left behind, can be devastating. Here at Weston Park Cancer Charity, our healthcare professionals not only support patients and their families throughout the difficult times from diagnosis, treatment and beyond, but also during the aftermath of losing a much-loved partner, family member or friend to cancer.


Whilst we are unable to take away the overwhelming pain and sadness that you may be experiencing, our knowledgeable staff can try to help you understand the grieving process and the wide range of feelings that you may be going through.


Pre-Covid 19, bereaved people could drop into our centre, or book an appointment for one to one support, or for those who prefer group settings, attend a six-week bereavement course. Whilst this has had to be put on temporary hold for the present moment due to social distancing, we are still actively providing telephone and online support on a one-to-one basis for people who are struggling with their thoughts and feelings at the loss of a loved one.


Something that we feel is very important, is encouraging you to look after yourself, both mentally and physically and we can offer advice and support to enable you to do this. For many bereaved people, they may find that their family and friends behave differently towards them. Sometimes this could be that their loved ones suddenly become overprotective and smothering, or in many cases, just disappear ‘off the radar’. This ‘disappearance’ can be very distressing and hurtful, but it is not uncommon, and we can help you to understand how others may behave in your time of need.


If you have lost a loved one to cancer and feel you would like to try our support service, then please do not hesitate to contact us confidentially on 0114 5533 330 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) and one of our healthcare professionals will do their best to help and support you.


Vicky Brady

Senior Cancer Support Nurse (RN)



0114 553 3330