Master Cutler Challenge

Do it for me.
Do it for you.
Do it for the one in two.


One in two of us will develop cancer.


“That means that everyone will have to face cancer at some point, either themselves or with someone they love. As the hospital celebrates its 50th anniversary, and at a time when Weston Park Cancer Charity has more patients and families than ever to support, I’m glad to have chosen them as the benefactor of this year’s Master Cutler’s Challenge.


And we’re really excited about what you’re going to do to with the £50 I give you to raise funds that will help Weston Park Cancer Charity to enhance care, deliver therapies, inform and support patients and families, and to fund vital research and trials. It’s no exaggeration to say that the money you raise through this challenge will change and save lives.


Cancer changes everything, but so can you, and I can’t wait to see how. Let’s do the city proud!


Good luck, and have a great time making a massive difference.”


Nick Williams, Master Cutler.


Here’s how the Master Cutler’s Challenge works

  1. You might be a small team, a big business or a nationwide organisation, you can sign up to compete from across the region. You might be motivated by the cause, or the team building opportunity, or the fun, or just because it’s important to you to that give to the city.
  2. Once you’re registered, we’ll connect you to a fundraiser to help you rise to the challenge of making a massive difference to us and our work.
  3. The Master Cutler will give your participating team £50.
  4. You’ll then have until September 2021 to turn that £50 into much more, using your entrepreneurial skill, business know-how, inventiveness, fun, team spirit and sheer grit. How? Golf days, sky dives, treasure hunts and much more…


For one in two of us, cancer will become a reality. You can help us be ready for anyone who needs us.


As part of The Master Cutler Challenge 10% of proceeds will go to The Cutlers’ Company Charities with 90% donated to Weston Park Cancer Charity.


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