The Master Cutler’s Big Jump

The Master Cutler’s Big Jump

| | Sunday 13th June 2021 | |


*This event is for registered participants of The Master Cutler’s Challenge only.


What does the jump involve?

Fun, mostly… Yes, it’s really challenging. But it is safe, sound and absolutely thrilling! You’ll never forget your first jump!


And this one – the UK’s highest tandem skydive – allows you to enjoy one whole minute of adrenaline-fuelled freefall harnessed to the front of a fully BPA qualified tandem parachuting instructor.


This is what will happen on the day:
    • You‘ll get an introduction to the team and 20 minutes of ground training, so you’re fully prepared for your jump.
    • You‘ll get kitted out and head off to your 15-minute flight which will take you to an altitude of 15,000 feet.
    • You and your experienced instructor will bravely take the plunge and experience a thrilling 60-second freefall reaching speeds of up to 120mph!
    • At a height of 5,000ft your instructor will open the parachute and you will begin your five-minute scenic parachute descent, expertly guided down to the drop zone and landing to the cheers of your family and friends!


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How much does it cost to take part?

To secure your place you need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £50 to Weston Park Cancer Charity.


You then have two options to cover the cost of the jump – Skydive Hibaldstow charge us a special charity rate for each dive, of £209.

  1. Some participants pay for the jump themselves (self-fund) and give all their sponsorship money to the charity. If you choose to cover the cost (£209) we don’t require a minimum sponsorship amount.
  2. Alternatively, you can use sponsorship money to hep cover the cost of the jump. The minimum total we ask you to raise is £409. This covers the cost of the jump and raises a minimum
    sponsorship of £200 for the charity. In both circumstances, the cost of the jump is paid on the day to Skydive Hilbaldstow.


How we can support you

Although the sponsorship total may seem a daunting amount to raise, we will support you every step of the way – you’ll be surprised how quickly your total grows! As soon as you have registered to jump you will receive fundraising advice, ideas and materials to help you raise those vital funds, as well as important information about your Big Jump day.


Read through the following to make sure you’re safe to jump, then complete the sign-up form below and contact us to pay your deposit on 0114 553 3330.


Age, weight, height and health restrictions
  • Sorry – under 16s cannot jump.
  • There is no upper age limit on skydiving, subject to health and other restrictions.
  • If you’re aged 16-17, you’ll need parental consent in the form of parental/legal guardian signature on three documents.
  • There is a maximum weight restriction on all jumpers of 16 stone or 100kg.
  • Although it is less important to be physically fit for a tandem skydive, you must be aware that some weather conditions are less suitable for tandem jumpers who are less physically fit or less agile, in particular, those with a high body mass index of 30+ and/or are close to the weight limit, or for those who are more elderly or with limited mobility.
  • If you fall within this category you may have to wait for more favourable weather in order to complete your jump and may see your skydive postponed to an alternative date.


Medical conditions and notes – please read carefully

Certain medical conditions, such as epilepsy, some cardiovascular and neurological conditions and some forms of diabetes, or injuries like recurring dislocations may mean you cannot participate in a skydiving course. If you are in any doubt, please contact Skydive Hibaldstow or consult the notes on the BPA form for more detailed information.


Skydive Hibaldstow reserve the right to refuse training or to postpone a jump if weather conditions or other factors are deemed not suitable for an individual student at the Centre Chief Instructor’s discretion.


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