The difference is you.

The difference is you.

In 2020, we celebrate 50 years of Weston Park Cancer Centre.


In that time, the diagnosis, treatment and the experience of cancer for our patients has been transformed, and Weston Park Cancer Charity has been at the forefront of that. With the support of donors and supporters like you, we’ve been able to make a huge difference.

  • We’ve funded lifesaving research and clinical trials
  • We’ve provided practical and emotional support to patients and families
  • We’ve enhanced the experience of treatment by improving facilities and wards

Now more than ever, as Covid-19 makes patients more vulnerable and forces us to find new ways to support and help them and their families, we must ramp up our efforts. So as we celebrate 50 years of achievements, we’re also looking to the next 50 years, at the changes we’ll need to make, our ambitions for the future and how our brilliant supporters can continue to make this all possible.


Looking back…

We’ve come so far. We’re more able than ever to treat cancer, and we’re constantly making progress and improving care, survival and management.


Cancer survival rates have more than doubled since the hospital opened in 1970, with some incredible advances: only around 44% of women with breast cancer survived in the 1970s – now, more than 77% live for at least 10 years after diagnosis. That’s thanks, in large part, to research and that’s a huge part of what we fund.


“An amazing hospital… I was under Professor Hancock with very advanced stage non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was told by him they would give it their best shot… treatment was rough, but 20 years later I’m still here. No words can express how much I owe them…”


The difference we’re making today.


It’s our patients who best describe the difference that Weston Park can make. We’re there for the one in two of us who develops cancer, with practical and emotional support, enhancements to treatment and funding for clinical trials. And every day, our patients and their family members remind us why our work matters so much.


Today, as patients face the added worry of Covid-19, which may also have delayed their treatment, we’re busy doing what we can to ensure they still get the support and help they need. We’re finding new ways, like online workshops or support groups, or remotely connecting patients with medical professionals to help answer their many concerns. And we’re planning for the next half a century…


Looking forward…


Patients and families need our help and support services more than ever. And we have ambitious plans for the future which will help us to support more people in more ways, even as Covid-19 continues to affect us and our patients.

  • We want to fund thousands of journeys to the hospital, keeping patients safer as they travel to appointments during the pandemic.
  • We’re planning on delivering much more support in the community, so that we can reach more people.
  • We’re going to develop other ways to deliver services and support that will need to adapt because of Covid-19.
  • We’re funding over 21 research projects, providing access to new treatments unavailable on the NHS and furthering our understanding of cancer, which is vital while it remains the major cause of death in the UK today.



Right now, you matter more than ever.


You won’t be surprised to hear that Covid-19 has hit our fundraising hard, just as we need it most. And we know that this is not going to change overnight – just as the impact of the pandemic will roll on, so will the effects of our reduced funds.


We’re so determined to protect our patients and families from feeling that impact. We’re working as efficiently as we can to ensure that every pound raised makes a real difference to those living with and beyond cancer. Besides, it’s Weston Park’s 50th anniversary – we can’t let that go without making a special effort!

So we’re asking everyone who supported us, who cares and is connected to our work and the difference it makes – can you help us make this a special year?


I would like to donate today…