It’s time to put your affairs in order

It’s time to put your affairs in order

Weston Park Cancer Charity has teamed up with Irwin Mitchell to offer a discounted Will Writing Service


Weston Park Cancer Charity is urging people to take advantage of Irwin Mitchell’s heavily discounted Will Writing Services to help create a better life for those living with and beyond cancer.


According to research less than one third of adults have made a Will, meaning that when the time comes their affairs may not be handled as they would wish.


Emma Addy, aged 30 from Barnsley is an exception, she knows just how important writing a Will is; “My parents were updating their Will and they aren’t in the best of health. Having recently bought a house, I think it’s really important to make sure that if anything does happen to me, it’s as stress free for those that are left behind as possible.”


In 2000, Emma received the devastating news that her mum had an aggressive form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma – a rare form of cancer that develops in the lymphatic system. Under the expert care of Weston Park Hospital, Professor Hancock, offered Emma’s mum, Margaret, a clinical trial which was initially promising but 16 months after she’d gone into remission the cancer returned. This time it was much worse and Margaret endured months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment to overcome the disease. Following months in isolation and intensive stem cell harvesting, Emma and her family finally received the fantastic news that her mum had once again gone into remission. That was seventeen years ago, and today Emma feels very fortunate to still have her mum at her side.


Speaking of her decision to remember Weston Park Cancer Charity in her Will, Emma said: “Everyone at Weston Park Hospital cared, from the consultants, nursing staff, even the staff in the restaurant and shop knew us and would ask every day how my mum was. It was nothing but meant everything. The hospital saved the most important person in my life and I am forever grateful. It doesn’t matter how much money the hospital receives, it will never be enough in the fight against cancer.”


Charity Director Samantha Dixon commented “we are incredibly grateful for all donations to Weston Park Cancer Charity but choosing to leave a gift in your will is a very special way of supporting our work and enabling our vial work to live on. Over a third of the lifesaving projects the charity funds are made possible by people choosing to support our work in this special way.”


Charitable funding, including donations from the Will Writing Service, gives more patients access to breakthrough treatments unavailable on the NHS. In 2000, just 4% of patients at Weston Park Hospital were able to participate in a clinical trial, as part of their treatment, but with the support of the Cancer Charity, this has increased to 20% in 2016.


Irwin Mitchell Solicitors offer a discounted Will Writing Service on behalf of Weston Park Cancer Charity and will also make a donation to the charity for each Will they write. Find out more >