Weston Park Christmas Star – Bernie Foran

Weston Park Christmas Star – Bernie Foran

This Christmas, especially after an exceptionally difficult year for those who work in the NHS, we could not, not recognise, pay tribute, and say a heartfelt thanks to our wonderful colleagues at Weston Park Cancer Centre for their inspirational hard work and care.


We wanted to celebrate them and let them know that they are our Weston Park Stars! Love to you, our NHS.



We recently caught up with Bernie Foran, Consultant Oncologist at Weston Park, one of our nominated Weston Park Stars to find out a little bit more about what she does at the hospital, how she supports the charity and a bit of festive fun.


What is it you do at Weston Park Cancer Centre and how long you’ve worked there?

I am a Consultant Clinical Oncologist specialising in the treatment of Head and Neck Cancer. I started in this post on the 1st October 2003. However, I first started working at Weston Park 5 ½ years prior to this as a ward doctor (Senior House Officer) and then as a registrar which was when I started my specialty training.


How has the charity supported your work?

Through so many different ways – such as financially supporting clinical research, improving patient experience on the ward and out patients as well as through the radiotherapy developments they have funded. They also bolster me through their incredible  and infectious drive to improve the patient experience and help the clinical staff to deliver the very best care to the patients we serve. They make the good great!


If you’ve fundraised for Weston Park Cancer Charity why did you chose to do so?

I have previously taken on a 10K to support the charity. And the reason I did it? Because of how vitally important their work is.  I see every day the difference the Charity’s work does for our patients and their families. They are amazing.


Favourite Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

Oh My! I hope it is the one I have asked for this year – a classic guitar & lessons. If not, then it has to be my rowing machine (which was actually for Christmas and Birthday 2 years ago).


Favourite item on your Christmas dinner?



“This is going to be a Christmas like no other. My wish is that we all will have some time to rest and reflect on what is really important in life and always treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves. How good would that be for the world!!”



Support the work of stars like Bernie. Give a gift this Christmas and help us to keep shining through for patients and families. Your donation can change everything for someone living with cancer.


Cancer still changes everything. But together we keep shining through; the more we raise the further we can reach. Can you help us this Christmas?