Weston Park Christmas Star – Carol Elrick

Weston Park Christmas Star – Carol Elrick

This Christmas, especially after an exceptionally difficult year for those who work in the NHS, we could not, not recognise, pay tribute, and say a heartfelt thanks to our wonderful colleagues at Weston Park Cancer Centre for their inspirational hard work and care.


We wanted to celebrate them and let them know that they are our Weston Park Stars! Love to you, our NHS.



We recently caught up with Carol Elrick, one of our nominated Weston Park Stars to find out a little bit more about what she does at the hospital, how she supports the charity and a bit of festive fun.


What is it you do at Weston Park Cancer Centre and how long you’ve worked there?

I am probably one of the first faces you will see when you first enter the hospital as I work on main reception/out patients. Amazingly this will be my 36th year working at Weston Park.


How has the charity supported your work?

The wonderful work the charity does for Weston Park, is second to none.


If you’ve fundraised for Weston Park Cancer Charity why did you chose to do so?

I like to think I do my bit, selling the Christmas cards and the famous dammit dolls. I have also taken part in the night walk, which was great fun!


Favourite Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

My favourite gift? Hmm well that’s a hard one. It’s got to be ALL OF THEM,I just love presents!


Favourite item on your Christmas dinner?

Favourite thing on my Christmas dinner has to be sp …spr…Only kidding it’s of course pigs in blankets


“To all past and present, amazing patients, staff and volunteers at Weston park, my nearest and dearest family and friends near and far I wish you all the best possible Christmas in these awful times. Merry Christmas to one and all and a happy healthy prosperous and covid free new year.xx”



Support the work of stars like Carol. Give a gift this Christmas and help us to keep shining through for patients and families. Your donation can change everything for someone living with cancer.


Cancer still changes everything. But together we keep shining through; the more we raise the further we can reach. Can you help us this Christmas?