Weston Park Christmas Star – Nicki Ingram

Weston Park Christmas Star – Nicki Ingram

This Christmas, especially after an exceptionally difficult year for those who work in the NHS, we could not, not recognise, pay tribute, and say a heartfelt thanks to our wonderful colleagues at Weston Park Cancer Centre for their inspirational hard work and care.


We wanted to celebrate them and let them know that they are our Weston Park Stars!
Love to you, our NHS.



We recently caught up with Nicki Ingram, Patient Information, Children and Young People Clinical Specialist Radiographer, one of our nominated Weston Park Stars to find out a little bit more about what she does at the hospital, how she supports the charity and a bit of festive fun.


What is it you do at Weston Park Cancer Centre and how long you’ve worked there?


I have worked at WPH since 2001 initially as a therapeutic radiographer on the treatment machines and since 2012 as Clinical Specialist Radiographer for Patient Information, Children and Young People.

My role is basically three-fold.

  • I’m the lead patient information and support radiographer providing information and support for our radiotherapy patients, their family, carers and friends before during and after their treatment.
  • I act as the link between Weston Park and Sheffield Children’s Hospital, liaising between the two when a child is in need of radiotherapy and supporting the child and their family through the treatment.
  • And finally, I am part of the senior management team in radiotherapy.


How has the charity supported your work?


The Weston Park Cancer Charity has kindly given me a grant since I started in post to use for the children having radiotherapy. With it I can buy stickers for a “My progress” sticker chart and end of treatment gifts for each child. I buy craft items for our fantastic mould room team who decorate treatment masks or bean bags for the children. And if a child needs a little bit of encouragement throughout the treatment, we can give them a little treat each day. We also buy the children gifts if their birthday is while they are on treatment or if it is Christmas or Easter.


If you’ve fundraised for Weston Park Cancer Charity why did you chose to do so?


Fundraising for the Charity makes me feel like I’m giving a little bit back for what they do for me in my role and how they support the radiotherapy department in general.

In the radiotherapy department, during the last few months, I have taken on the role of fundraiser, coordinating the sale of chocolates and sweets supplied by the Cancer Support Centre and Weston Park Cancer Charity which they have been unable to sell due to not being open.


Favourite Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

My most favourite Christmas gift and the one I tell my children about the most was the black and white portable television my parents gave me and my sister one year. We thought it was so cool having a TV in our bedroom. We later found out my dad had got it free with a drill through work!


Favourite item on your Christmas dinner?

My favourite item on my Christmas dinner has to be everything.  I just love the whole combination of turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, sprouts…..everything. I would happily have a Christmas dinner every week.


“My Christmas wish to everyone this year is to enjoy and appreciate what you have. If nothing else 2020 has taught us this. And hopefully we can celebrate BIG style in 2021.”


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