What it’s like to work at Weston Park Cancer Charity

What it’s like to work at Weston Park Cancer Charity

At Weston Park Cancer Charity we have set out to create the best life for everyone living with and beyond cancer; and our staff are an important part of making this real. Not just in the work that they do, but because everything they say and do is a vital part of reinforcing our commitment to be there – together at every step for people affected by cancer.


Fundraising Executive, Charlotte Swinhoe tell us more…


Charlotte Swinhoe, winner of the 2020 Glu Recruit Office Heroes Awards!

“Working at Weston Park Cancer Charity is something I’m extremely proud of. I joined in January 2017 as the Fundraising Assistant – I’d always wanted to work for a charity so I jumped at the chance when I got offered the role. Having done a bit of work experience within a charity, and some volunteering, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect working for a charity, and the different roles that exist. Just over 4 years later, now as a Fundraising Executive, I can honestly say that I am still learning each and every day, not only about Weston Park Cancer Charity, but about the sector as a whole and I absolutely love it.


“It’s really interesting working for Weston Park Cancer Charity and seeing all of the integral roles and the parts they play. From the outside looking in you don’t always see the entirety of the team, and how everyone has such a vital part to play in creating Team Weston Park. We simply couldn’t support cancer patients and their families if the team wasn’t together in unity and solidarity.


“Within my role as a Fundraising Executive I work with people who are wanting to support Weston Park Cancer Charity, and to be able to fully support fundraiser, it’s key I work with the entire team at the charity to ensure that if there’s something that needs funding, that we can do this. My day could be meeting with someone wanting to fundraise in their workplace, a company who wants to put on a golf day or ball, working with our partner companies to organise support sessions for their teams, alongside spreading awareness of what we do. I really do enjoy the variety the role brings. You never know who will need to know we are here to listen and support them as unfortunately 1 in 2 of us who will be affected by cancer, so there is an extremely high chance that the fundraisers I work with, have themselves been affected.


“There is immense job satisfaction when you pull off a project you have been working on, or secure that corporate partnership – because you know the real lives that this funding will help support. It is however difficult when you do get rejected, and to be a fundraiser you have to be resilient, pick yourself up, and also know when you need to take the time to speak to a team member – something which is so easy to do working as part of the charity as everyone has such a great presence and warmth to supporting one another. This is also so important as it’s only natural to be affected by the stories we here, as there are so many reasons why people choose to support us, from wanting to say thank you for the treatment and services they’ve received, to honouring a loved one’s memory, and wanting to create a better future and fund research into different treatment in the hopes it will help. I know though, that through the highs and lows of fundraising, the entire team is there for each other.


“Working for Weston Park Cancer Charity is extremely rewarding, and I really am honoured to be able to meet the most incredible people, hear their stories, meet their families and friends, and hopefully in some of the most difficult of times, create some light and hope. The smallest of thing can make the biggest of difference, and no matter what role in the charity you play, you create this change each and every day.”


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