What’s it like to be part of our team?

What’s it like to be part of our team?

I have worked for our charity as CEO for seven years. How would I describe being part of Team Weston Park? In short, a privilege, great fun but not without its challenges; if you think it appeals to you then we would love to hear from you.


Sadly, the work we do is relevant to all – 1 in 2 of us will develop cancer, which means as a patient or carer, we’ll all experience cancer in our lifetime. As staff members this presents us with emotional situations on a daily basis but it also enables us to meet some amazing people whose bravery and generosity can be overwhelming. Meeting these people, knowing that we are trying to do something to improve the situation in which they or their loved one finds themselves, can give you great job satisfaction; every day is different but you go home at night thinking you have done something really worthwhile.


Our work is driven, and the team is shaped, by our guiding principles. Whilst we look to recruit people who have the existing or potential talent, skills and knowledge to undertake their work, at least as important is that our team members understand and share our vision and mission and subscribe to working in line with our principles:
– Tireless commitment – it can be hard work. An average day can be emotionally challenging, the events we run or attend mean that we can work long or unpredictable hours but we think it is worth it to achieve what we do.
– Unity and solidarity – we are a team. We rely on one-another, look out for each-other, provide support when things aren’t going so well and celebrate (in style) when they are.
– Presence and warmth – whether your role involves talking to a supporter about a donation they wish to make, or to a client who has just lost their partner we set out to deliver a warm, supportive, and professional service to each individual.
– Above and beyond – we expect each of us to have ambition, to want the best for our charity and those we serve; to look to continually to improve on what we are doing, to make our charity stronger tomorrow than it is today.


We provide a competitive rewards package and we are very flexible when it comes to work arrangements. We look to develop our team members to be stronger and more capable individuals to develop their career path within our organisation or elsewhere.

I hope you see why I feel privileged to have my role and to work with such an extraordinary team; if you would like to join us then please take a look at our current vacancies.


Samantha Dixon, CEO

Weston Park Cancer Charity