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Bereavement support

Whether you have lost a friend, partner or a relative to cancer recently or a few years ago, we are here to help.

a close up photo of a man and a woman holding hands, comforting each other.

We're here for you

Greif if experienced in many different ways and is very individual to each person. We are here to help you navigate the loss of a loved one and offer 1:1 bereavement support. In early 2024 we will also be getting our bereavement support group up and running offering a safe space to speak to others who can understand some of the feelings you are experiencing.

Everybody experiences grief and loss differently, and there is no right or wrong way to feel. Our Cancer Support Centre offers a calm environment where you can speak to one of our team and receive ongoing support through an extremely difficult time.

We will also be facilitating bereavement support sessions out in the community in early 2024 through our Big Purple Bus. So if it is difficult to access our services at our Cancer Support Centre, please get in touch to find out your closest Big Purple Bus location.

If you would like to speak to one of our team about bereavement support, you can:

  • Drop in to our support centre at 23 Northumberland Road Sheffield S10 2TX
  • Phone on 0114 553 3330 and go through option 1
  • Email us at