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Enhancing treatment

We improve the impact and experience of treatment for patients and loved ones.

A hospital room with a bed, tv, wash station and various equipment.

We enhance treatment

The treatment of cancer is tough, but small things can make a big difference.

In the hospital we’ve improved wards, funding artwork and improved furnishings.

We buy books, magazines and children’s activity packs to help pass the time. We provide pamper sessions and complementary therapies like massage, to help patients feel better, or yoga sessions that their families can join in with. They’re just little touches, but they make a huge difference to how patients feel about their treatment.

“Everyone has a story of someone who was treated at Weston Park Hospital. We are very lucky to have it. We need to nurture it to make sure it is there for the local population going forward, giving quality care and contributing to advances in cancer treatments.”
- Sarah Danson, Professor of Medical Oncology

We work to improve cancer treatment experiences at Weston Park Cancer Centre and the Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Here are just some of the ways we have enhanced treatment experiences.

Brachytherapy and MRT suite refurbishment
Brachytherapy and molecular radiotherapy are forms of radiotherapy that require patients to spend up to five days alone in a shielded room.

As part of the refurbishment of this suite at Weston Park Cancer Centre, we purchased many items to help with patient comfort, including smart TVs, recliner chairs, LED dimmable lighting, and state-of-the-art radiation detectors that can allow some patients to be discharged earlier.

Dosecheck radiotherapy planning software
Radiotherapy treatment plans must be carefully checked to ensure the radiation dose is within the correct limits, and previously this was done manually by the radiotherapy physicists.
We funded the purchase of the Dosecheck system at Weston Park Cancer Centre, which can automatically check plans, freeing up the physicists’ time which can be spent planning treatment for more complex cases, and freeing up time on the treatment machines, which gives more flexibility to the clinic.

Paediatric radiotherapy gifts
Undergoing treatment can be especially difficult for children, so we provided a grant which allows the radiotherapy team at Weston Park Cancer Centre to make it as fun as possible. This includes providing sticker charts to track progress, materials to decorate positioning masks, and presents for finishing treatment or for the child’s birthday.

Tablets for videocalls
Going through cancer is tough – but it’s made even tougher without loved ones by your side.
To help ease with the impact of pandemic restrictions limiting visitors and how many people entered hospital buildings, we bought 19 tablet computers to make sure people facing cancer were not alone during this time. These tablets are used in the inpatient and outpatient wards to call loved ones not allowed to visit, and the help clinicians carry out appointments via videocall to patients in their homes.

Nebulisers for head and neck patients
Radiotherapy in the head and neck area can reduce saliva production, meaning patients have an unpleasant build-up of thick, sticky mucus in the mouth and throat which can cause difficulties swallowing and sleeping.
This can be eased using a nebuliser, which produces a fine mist of liquid that can be inhaled to thin down this mucus. We funded the purchase of 15 nebulisers for the radiotherapy department at Weston Park Cancer Centre that patients can borrow while needed, rather than having to buy their own.