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Providing support

At Weston Park Cancer Support, we provide emotional and practical support for people living with and beyond cancer. We also offer complementary therapies for anyone affected by cancer.

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We provide support

Weston Park Cancer Support is our frontline support service.

It gives patients and families emotional and practical support, help and guidance, a place to be and people to be with.

Our services and cancer support are free for you and the people caring for you.

We also work in the community wherever possible, to help patients in a place most convenient to them.

Managing financially

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, it might affect your financial situation. It can have a huge impact on your working pattern or hours, and a knock-on effect on your finances.

Managing emotionally

Cancer affects all areas of life, including your emotions. You may feel frightened, overwhelmed, anxious or you may even find it hard to believe that you have cancer when you are first told.

Managing practically

Cancer can bring about changes to your physical and mental health. We can advise you on how to manage any practical concerns you may have as a result of your diagnosis.

Managing physically

Cancer and cancer treatment can have a huge effect on how you feel physically. We can offer support and advice to help you manage the physical impact of cancer.