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Beyond the treatment

We funded enhancements, over and above the NHS provision, to transform the inpatient wards at Weston Park in Sheffield, where people receive cancer treatment.

An empty hospital ward - ward three at Weston Park Cancer Centre - is pictured with its lights on.

What we did

“The new ward was transformed into a much brighter modern environment, creating a more comfortable environment for patients and their families. The reaction from both patients and staff was instantly positive. The emphasis of the environment is patient focused and the spaces work well for patients and their families whilst helping us to provide the best possible care.” Amanda Traynor, Ward Sister

In 2017 we launched a special fundraising project to greatly improve inpatient facilities at Weston Park Hospital and go Beyond the Treatment to improve patient comfort, prevent isolation and enhance patient and visitor services.

These enhancements make a huge difference to the experience and comfort of patients, visitors and staff. Thanks to charitable donations our wards now have;

  • Wifi to greatly improve patient communication and entertainment
  • Smart TVs to reduce isolation by allowing patients to communicate with loved ones via a video link
  • Colourful artwork displays to improve wellbeing
  • Circadian lighting to help patients get a better night’s sleep
  • Comfortable recliner chairs for visiting relatives
  • Improved day room facilities so patients and their families have space to reflect and enjoy time together

It makes all the difference to people like Jess:

Jess was by her mum’s side throughout her treatment for lung cancer at Weston Park Hospital. “While my mum was going through treatment, I was also studying for a Masters Degree and running a business. Not having access to wifi made it difficult for me to study effectively and keep up-to-date with things going on at work.

“It also meant my mum could not access facebook to keep in touch with friends and family whilst she was receiving treatment. The Beyond the Treatment appeal has provided internet access for patients and visitors, meaning it is easier to keep in touch. It also means that patients can access apps whilst they undergo treatment, which is invaluable in making the time go faster, particularly when some treatments can take all day. Having access to wifi whilst mum was going through treatment would have been amazing, and it is a fantastic update to the hospital!”