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Complementary therapies

Our therapies are delivered by experienced therapists, who can also offer a variety of tips and self-help techniques to enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing.

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If you’re undergoing cancer treatment, these sessions are free for you and your main carer.

Every type of cancer and its treatment is associated with different symptoms and side effects. Knowing what to expect and when to seek support can help you to feel more in control of what's happening.

Whether you are living with or beyond cancer or are affected by it in any way, we provide a range of therapies which can physically help you relax.

Our therapies are delivered by experienced therapists and are designed to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. Our services are free. This is what we do.

For anyone living with or caring for someone with cancer, we can offer each of you up to four free complementary therapy sessions of your choice.


Our massages are free for you and your main carer.


Reflexology relieves discomfort, improving energy flow around the body.


Hypnotherapy is useful for people with specific phobias. These can include claustrophobia if you are undergoing radiotherapy or have a fear of needles.


Shiatsu is a holistic therapy which treats each person uniquely. It calms the mind, relaxes the body, and promotes an overall sense of wellbeing.


Reiki is based on the idea that by helping to support the flow of energy the body can heal itself.

Yoga Nidra

Guided meditation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety as well as improving mood to help you relax and sleep.