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Guiding Principles

All successful candidates will work to our guiding principles. Find out what it means to be a member of Team Weston Park.

For over 40 years now we’ve been raising money to deliver services and support beyond the amazing work our medical professionals do, to help people live their best possible life through and beyond cancer.

It’s a serious joint effort, made possible by the whole Weston Park family – hospital, charity staff and volunteers, our tireless fundraisers, donors and supporters, as well as every patient, family member and friend we’ve helped.

Uniting to face cancer is important: one in two of us will develop cancer – it will affect every one of us, directly or indirectly, at some point.

So we promise to be there for patients and their families, together at every step. We mean this in all senses – we stand with patients and families, but we too are together and united, collaborating to make as much of a difference to them as we can.

You’re an important part of making this real. Not just in the work that you do but because everything you say and do, and the way you say it and do it, is a vital part of reinforcing our brand. It’s how we show the world a consistent face and express the brilliant organisation we are.

Our guiding principles

Tireless Commitment
Our commitment to everything we do is a great source of hope to our patients, colleagues, supporters and beyond. It’s more than that – the energy we put into our work is contagious and it inspires. We should be proud of the difference our determination makes not just to what we achieve, but to the spirit of this place and how it makes people feel. We want them inspired, energised and made hopeful by our tireless commitment to their care.

Unity and solidarity
We unite with each other, collaborating to deliver the best support to colleagues, patients and families, because together we can do more, reaching further with an unwavering support. United we’re stronger for those we help, every one of us an integral part of the collective work that allows us to be together with patients, at every step.

Presence and warmth
We make sure every patient and their carers and family know and feel we are here, whenever they need us. We’re warm, honest and reliable – a shoulder, a rock, a source of knowledge and real presence and support in everyone’s experience of living with and beyond cancer.

Above and beyond
Because there’s no such thing as an ordinary day here – each is unique, a chance to challenge and change, experiment and explore, innovate, pioneer, and be ambitious about the difference we can make to someone. We take each chance, big and small, to push a little further, make more of an impact. It all makes a difference to a life, and that’s what we’re all about.