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Hypnotherapy is useful for people with specific phobias. These can include claustrophobia if you are undergoing radiotherapy or have a fear of needles.

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Hypnotherapy is defined as "A state of relaxation and heightened awareness induced by suggestion."

The state of hypnosis is a totally natural, very pleasant and relaxing. It involves being guided into deep relaxation by the therapist and using the power of suggestion on the subconscious mind to help with a number of things including, pain, healing, stress, grief, fears and phobias.

Hypnotherapy is designed to help you overcome these fears and enhance your treatment experience.

Our hypnotherapists facilitate positive changes in behaviour which you can use to your benefit.

It is delivered while either sitting in a chair or recliner, whichever is most comfortable with the therapist asking you to use your imagination and visualise different suggestions.

An initial consultation will be done to determine the way in which hypnotherapy could be used and an individual program will be designed for future sessions based on your needs.

Under hypnosis people can converse normally and are fully aware of their surroundings and remain in control at all times.

Contact our healthcare team to find out more about hypnotherapy.

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