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Give the gift of hope

Today, one in two of us will be diagnosed with cancer. By donating to Weston Park Cancer Charity this Christmas you’ll help to pioneer new research which could change the way we treat cancer forever.

Give the gift of hope today

Our pioneering research improves cancer treatments on a global scale and enables people with cancer to live longer, better lives.

And thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we’ve been able to run 900 trials involving 16,000 patients in our Cancer Clinical Trials Centre. Your donations also helped to create our state-of-the-art clinical research unit.

In these incredible facilities, we can deliver treatments which aren’t yet available on the NHS - giving hope to thousands of patients and their families.

But we can’t stop there. The pandemic had a huge impact on cancer research. Staff were redeployed to support covid studies, labs were shut during lockdown, and trials were paused. Without scientists working to find new approaches to treatment, and specialist clinical teams to safely run trials to test them, cancer treatment cannot progress.

“Cancer care has improved greatly, but I still have too many conversations where I have to tell somebody that all the treatment options have been exhausted. I want to bring that number down to zero”

Professor Sarah Danson, honorary consultant in medical oncology at Weston Park Cancer Centre.

Your gift this Christmas will launch crucial research projects and give even more people the opportunity to benefit from ground-breaking clinical trials and treatments.

And it doesn’t just benefit the patients taking part in the trials, but also all future patients too. Every treatment that is used in the clinic has been through a trial – that’s the only way that we can test if a therapy works well enough to become standard of care.

With your help, we want to keep progressing. To keep developing better therapies that allow people to live longer with fewer side effects and to spend more time together with their families and loved ones. And this can’t happen without research.

The more you can support our work, the more we can attract more people to work in research and continue to grow; so that even more patients, who want to, can go on a clinical trial.

Please give generously this Christmas, if you can. Donate to our Christmas Star Appeal now.

As a thank you for your donation, we will send you a wooden star decoration to hang on your Christmas Tree to remind you of the difference your support makes.

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