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Sheffield Mums Against Cancer: A Decade of Impact

Celebrating their 10th year of fundraising for Weston Park Cancer Charity and St Luke's Hospice, Sheffield Mums Against Cancer (SMAC) reflect on their remarkable journey that began in 2014. Following personal experiences SMAC emerged from the determination of a group of mothers whose lives had been touched by cancer.

SMAC was born back in 2014 when a group of mums got together to fundraise for charity following the cancer diagnosis of close friends. Their decision to support Weston Park Cancer Charity was deeply personal, as the charity provided support and care for their loved ones when they were affected by cancer.

Balancing their commitments as working mothers, the members of SMAC have fundraised with passion and dedication. Their fundraising initiatives have been diverse and creative, ranging from bake sales to golf events and family fun days.

Ceri Rodgers, founding member of SMAC says:

“We’re so passionate about fundraising for Weston Park Cancer Charity and St Luke's, none of us had prior fundraising experience but we felt compelled to do more when our friends were diagnosed with cancer.

We’re so lucky to have new members who have been inspired by our fundraising and are delighted to be so close to raising almost £200,000 for charity. We see it as an honour to support the charity in any way we can”.

The members of SMAC are drawn together by a shared determination to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. Their involvement has brought a sense of purpose and camaraderie to their lives, evident in the electric atmosphere of SMAC's fundraiser balls. Support for these events has grown over the years, amplifying their impact and reach within the community.

SMAC are hosting their 9th Big Sparkly Fundraiser on Saturday 11th May at the OEC, Sheffield. The ball promises to be a wonderful evening of glitz and glamour with fabulous entertainment!

There are numerous ways for individuals to get involved, whether by hosting a table, donating items for auctions or raffles, or contributing to SMAC's fundraising goal. Events like The Big Sparkly Fundraiser provide opportunities for the community to unite in support of those affected by cancer.

See more about SMAC Big Sparkly Fundraiser here

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