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Reiki is based on the idea that by helping to support the flow of energy the body can heal itself.

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Reiki is a non-contact treatment that was originally developed in Japan, with the name translating to ‘universal life energy’.
The therapist places their hands over your body, moving them in a sequence to cover each of the body's 'Chakras', otherwise known as energy fields.
You may feel a slight warmth or tingling in some areas of the body throughout the session as the therapist moves from Chakra to Chakra.

How to book and what to expect

To find out more and to book an appointment please call 0114 533 3330 (option 1)

We completely understand if you do not feel well enough to attend the appointment on the day.
To ensure as many people can benefit from these sessions we’d really appreciate it if you can give us enough notice as possible so we can book someone else into the slot.

Medical information required before the first session.

When you contact Weston Park Cancer Support to arrange your complementary therapy sessions, you will be asked a variety of questions about your current health situation (we call these screening questions) to ensure the sessions will be safely delivery a tailored session based on your individual needs.
Please be aware that there are some heath conditions which may mean that you are unable to have a complementary therapy at that time, and for other circumstances we may need confirmation from your medical team that they are happy with you attending an appointment.

How long is the appointment?

1 hour

What to wear during your treatment

You will be fully clothed during your treatment but we would recommend you wear loose fitting comfy clothes that you feel comfortable in during the session.


The entrance to Weston Park Cancer Support Centre has step-free access along with lift usage to our therapy rooms and disabled access toilets on the ground floor. When booking onto your appointment please let us know if you have any accessibility requirements so we can best meet your needs and adapt the therapy to you.