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Celebrating Volunteers Week: Sally Ainsworth’s Inspiring Journey

Sally Ainsworth's dedication to volunteering began with a personal connection to Weston Park Cancer Charity. Sally’s brother and father, both named Robert, received treatment at Weston Park Cancer Centre, which sparked the family's commitment to giving back. Following her brother's involvement with the charity, Sally was inspired to get involved herself.

From engaging with fans at Sheffield United matches to participating in community events like BB with Love, Sally is always finding new ways to support Weston Park Cancer Charity. She took on the remarkable challenge of pushing herself in her wheelchair around Bramall Lane pitch, achieving this feat four times over the past four years.

During Christmas 2023 Sally became a regular volunteer with us at our cancer support centre, supporting our Christmas Star Appeal by making chocolate bouquets and helping to ensure our generous donors receive thanks.

Every Tuesday, Sally dedicates her time to essential administrative tasks at Weston Park Cancer Charity. Her meticulous work includes making up leaflet packs that are sent to GPs and given to newly diagnosed patients, providing crucial information and support. Sally truly plays a vital role in Team Weston Park and she finds great satisfaction in knowing her work helps others.

Sally loves doing administrative tasks the most, appreciating the order and the direct impact her efforts have on people's lives. Her message to anyone considering volunteering is simple:

"Do it! You get a lot of satisfaction knowing you’re doing it for a good cause."

Sally and her family have raised over £7,000 for Weston Park Cancer Charity through their combined efforts. Their dedication and hard work have made a significant impact, and they continue to inspire others in the community. Sally's story is a testament to the power of volunteering and the profound difference one person can make.

This Volunteers Week, we celebrate Sally Ainsworth and all our incredible volunteers who make our work possible. If you're inspired by Sally's journey, consider joining us in making a difference.

Thank you, Sally, for your unwavering commitment and the joy you bring to Weston Park Cancer Charity!

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