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“It's a lovely feeling to know that you can help someone”

Inspirational Fundraiser Mick Allsop named as Weston Park Cancer Charity Patron

Weston Park Cancer Charity is thrilled to announce Mick Allsop as a patron of the charity. Mick is a dedicated, longstanding fundraiser who in over 20 years has raised in excess of a staggering two hundred and thirty thousand pounds for the charity.

Mick joins other Charity patrons including most recently announced Gary Sinclair, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill CBE, and Celebrity Chef Tim Bilton.

Mick says:

“When I was asked to be a patron it came as a huge surprise and was an incredibly emotional and humbling moment.

It’s a difficult thing to put into words without sounding cliché but it’s just an honour and such an incredible privilege, not just for me but for my wife Chris and our family.

It’s just wonderful to be able to make a difference for somebody, you don’t have to know them or what they’re going through. It’s just so special to me to know that the fundraising I do can help to make someone’s time a little easier.
If we can make somebody’s next ten minutes a little bit more content – it’s worth putting yourself out there, it’s worth the effort - it’s nothing in comparison to what some people are going through.”

Mick gives up his time to support Weston Park in so many ways, he’s hosted The hugely popular Posh Do, now going into it’s seventh year, as well as putting on spectacular themed evenings and many other fundraising events over the years.

Mick’s most memorable event was his 24 hour blindfold walk across Sheffield. Mick walked 47 miles blindfolded, to not only raise funds but also to raise awareness of cancer patients who lose their sight.

Mick says:

“The blindfold walk was 24 hours I will never forget. It was astonishing and it took an enormous amount of organisation. So many people came to speak to me and tell me their stories of the support they’d been given and make donations. When we got to the finish line there was so many people waiting, no one had wanted to go home. It was an incredible moment.”

Mick’s support means so much to the Charity and he is so aware that now, the need for that additional care and support is ever increasing.

Mick says:
“We know the medical treatment has to be there but it’s the additional support that makes the difference, that makes it easier to cope with what people are going through. The warm welcome when you come in the centre and the time that you’re given is so vital. That’s why we do what we do and why we always will.
I always find myself getting emotional but it’s so important and to know I can help someone means everything to me.”
Cat Rhone, Deputy CEO of Weston Park Cancer Charity, says:

“We are delighted to welcome Mick as a patron of Weston Park Cancer Charity. Mick’s support over the past 20 years has been so incredible and we genuinely couldn’t do what we do without people like him.

His generous support has contributed to so much and we are thrilled to be able to have him on board as a Charity patron. With the vital support of our patrons we can continue to be there and care in every sense for everyone in our region who is affected by cancer.”

Mick is hoping to hit a fundraising target of £250k by the end of the year and has recently announced the date of The Posh Do 7 at Van Dyk Hotel, Clowne, Chesterfield as Friday 10th November. Posh Do 7 promises to be an evening of fabulous food and great entertainment.

To find out more visit: or contact Mick at

Weston Park Cancer Charity promises to be together with patients at every step, offering information, advice, help and support services. For one in two of us, cancer will become a reality. You can help us be ready for anyone who needs us by making a donation.

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