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Providing independent living support with Age UK Sheffield

We’re thrilled to have extended our partnership with Age UK Sheffield for three years, meaning free independent living support will continue for more than 1,000 people living with cancer in Sheffield.

A renewal of our £252,298 grant, which funds two Cancer Support Independent Living Coordinator roles, means that Age UK Sheffield’s Cancer Support Independent Living Service will continue until at least 2025.

The service provides a three-month package of support to help people in Sheffield maintain or regain their independence.

We have proudly worked with Age UK Sheffield to provide financial support for the service since 2016. In that time, it has supported more than 2,300 older people living with cancer in Sheffield to access more than £2.4 million in benefits, and has provided priceless independent living support.

That includes people who are living with cancer, and people who are caring for someone who is living with or beyond cancer, too.

At times, support is also provided to carers who themselves are living with cancer while caring for someone who needs support with their independence.

It supports our wider strategy to support people and communities in their local area and their own homes – ensuring our services are inclusive, particularly for those aged 80+ who may not otherwise have access to our support.

Steve Chu, Chief Executive of Age UK Sheffield, said: “Working with Weston Park Cancer Charity since 2016 has been fantastic – we’re so grateful for their support.

“Our Cancer Support Independent Living Service was initially developed in response to feedback from older people who were living with health conditions, including cancer. The services they receive improve their economic and social circumstances and ensure they are in the best possible position to respond to medical treatment.

“With Weston Park Cancer Charity’s funding, we have used a guided conversation approach to support – ensuring that no stone is left unturned, and that the priorities of each individual are addressed.

“We ensure that people are claiming all the benefit income they are entitled to, getting aids and adaptations installed in their home, and being signposted to local groups or transport for further support.”

The grant provided by Weston Park Cancer Charity funds two Cancer Support Independent Living Coordinators (ILC), whose role is to provide direct support for people living with cancer.

The highly-trained Cancer Support ILCs help people affected by cancer to live independently. The service includes visits to an individual to ensure they can live safely at home.

This can range from aids and adaptions to the home, to referrals for home energy checks and for Age UK Sheffield’s scams awareness project. It also provides information on accessing practical help with attending appointments and accessing shopping, and financial help and advice for any benefits which the individual may be eligible for.

Independent evaluations of the Cancer Support ILC service have found that beneficiaries have seen improved financial wellbeing, mental health, a reduction in social isolation and a reduction in loneliness.

Emma Clarke, Chief Executive Officer of Weston Park Cancer Charity, said: “As a charity, we want to ensure that nobody in our region is facing cancer alone, and that they are living their best possible life.

“Age UK Sheffield’s Cancer Support Independent Living Service is nothing short of wonderful. It supports hundreds of people each year, and we’re so happy to ensure that it continues.
“We are committed to being there, together at every step, for anyone in our region who is living with and beyond cancer. Most importantly, though, fantastic partnerships like ours with Age UK Sheffield enable us to reach people in their own homes.

“Sadly, one in two people will face a diagnosis during their lifetime, but through partnerships with fantastic organisations like Age UK Sheffield, we can reach more people and do more for local people and communities.”

Key contact numbers:

  • Age UK Sheffield: 0114 250 2850
  • Weston Park Cancer Charity: 0114 553 3330

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