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Together at Every step strategy launched

We have launched a new three-year strategy which aims to create a better life for every person across the region who is affected by cancer, both now and in the future.

  • Weston Park Cancer Charity unveils new three-year strategy
  • Each year, approximately 9,000 people across South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and North Derbyshire are diagnosed with cancer
  • The cancer charity promises to be there at every step from the moment people are diagnosed

Weston Park Cancer Charity has launched a new three-year strategy which aims to create a better life for every person across the region who is affected by cancer, both now and in the future.

The regional cancer charity, located in Sheffield, serves the population across South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and North Derbyshire. Each year, an estimated 9,000 people across the region will be diagnosed with cancer and over 57,000 people will be living with the disease.

Emma Clarke, CEO at Weston Park Cancer Charity tells us more: “There’s no denying that covid has had a devastating effect on people with cancer, the healthcare sector and our efforts to recover. The launch of this new strategy is an important chapter in our post-pandemic recovery. It sets out our key objectives for the next three-years; with a focus on better access to support, research, and treatment.”

The Together at Every Step strategy lists six key priorities;

  1. Awareness - everyone diagnosed with cancer in the region will know about Weston Park Cancer Charity, and how we can help them and their loved ones, at every step
  2. Reach - everyone diagnosed with cancer in communities where there are greatest cancer health inequalities in the region will be able to access our support
  3. Access - everyone diagnosed with cancer in the region will have access to free transport to attend treatment and clinic appointments, if they need it
  4. Research – They will support Weston Park Cancer Centre to continue to be a leading UK cancer research centre, giving people in this region the opportunity to support ground-breaking clinical trials and studies
  5. Digital - Everyone with cancer and their donors will be able to access support and donate through digital platforms
  6. Impact - Existing and potential donors will see the difference they make to the lives of people with cancer and their families

Dr Patricia Fisher, Clinical Director South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Cancer Alliance, Clinical Oncologist at Weston Park Cancer Centre and Weston Park Cancer Charity trustee: “If you are affected by cancer I really want you to know that we are all here for you. Early detection is the key to treating cancer successfully, so if you have symptoms or concerns, please contact your GP immediately. Weston Park will always be here for you, whenever you need us.”

The new Chair of Trustees, Niall Baker, comments: “As one of only four specialist cancer hospitals in the UK, we’re extremely privileged to have Weston Park Cancer Centre on our doorstep in Sheffield. Nearly every person across the region has witnessed first-hand through relatives and friends, the phenomenal treatment the hospital provides.

“One in two people will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetimes, and as more people are diagnosed, we need to ensure people in our region have access to the very best cancer care and treatment.” Read more about Niall’s appointment to Chair of Trustees at Weston Park Cancer Charity.

Over the coming weeks, Weston Park Cancer Charity will announce over £800,000 of funding to support research and partnership working in the community to address some of the key challenges people with cancer continue to face, as a result of the pandemic.

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