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Walk as One

Weston Park Cancer Charity are thrilled to announce they’re launching a brand new event, Walk as One, on Sunday 17th September at Endcliffe Park Sheffield.

Walk as One was originally planned in May 2020 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the charity but had to be sadly postponed due to Covid lockdowns. The event will include an accessible 4 mile walk as well as a more challenging 10 mile route for walkers to take part in.

Whether you take part in the 4 mile waterside walk or 10 mile challenge route, you can join us to raise funds, celebrate the charity’s achievements and enjoy a fun-filled day, outdoors. For many it will be a special chance to remember someone too, and to walk in their memory.

One in two of us will develop cancer, which is why working together, supporting each other and uniting to face cancer really matters. That’s why we’re calling on you to Walk as One. Weston Park Cancer Charity promises patients and families that they’ll be together at every step, ready to help people through the many different challenges of cancer; practical, emotional and physical.

Cat Rhone, Deputy CEO of Weston Park Cancer Charity commented;
“When cancer changes everything, so can we – Weston Park Hospital and Weston Park Cancer Charity work together, making life-saving research and trials possible, raising funds to improve facilities and caring for patients and families in every sense. Our inaugural Walk as One event will be an opportunity to celebrate everyone who has given their expertise, generosity, trust and collaboration to get us this far.
Today, cancer affects one in two of us – it’s more important than ever that we can be ready for anyone who needs us. We, and the work we do, depends on the generosity of our fundraisers, donors and supporters.”

The money raised through Walk as One will help deliver the kind of activity that is changing lives for people living with and beyond cancer:

  • Providing support, through Weston Park Cancer Support, where patients and families can find emotional, practical support, help and guidance, a place to be and people to be with.
  • Enabling vital research and clinical trials of global relevance, enabling our medical professionals to understand and treat cancer better, in a way that changes and saves lives.
  • Enhancing treatments by delivering complementary therapies, improving the environment on wards and facilities for patients and visitors, to improve the experience and often the impact of treatment.

Weston Park Cancer Charity is also calling on volunteers to sign up and help with keeping the walkers motivated, registrations and presenting medals as walkers cross the finish line.

If you’re ready to Walk as One, you can join Weston Park Cancer Charity on Sunday 17th September in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield.

When cancer changes everything, so can you.

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