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“Weston Park saved my life” – Anthony’s story

“Being diagnosed with bowel cancer was a very worrying time. Two weeks into my tests, the word ‘tumour’ was used. I looked my consultant straight between the eyes and thought: ‘I’m a cancer patient now’.”

“Being diagnosed with bowel cancer was a very worrying time. Two weeks into my tests, the word ‘tumour’ was used. I looked my consultant straight between the eyes and thought: ‘I’m a cancer patient now’.”

We’re extremely grateful for the support of organisations such as Ant Marketing, who are headline sponsors for this summer’s Weston Park Race Evening, which returns to Doncaster Racecourse on 3 June.

The event will be the latest instalment of an amazing partnership with Doncaster Racecourse which has raised more than £150,000 for Weston Park Cancer Charity since 2016. After two years of postponements due to Covid-19, we can’t wait to be back!

Ant Marketing and owner Anthony Hinchliffe are among those who have a close personal connection to Weston Park.

Anthony’s experience of a bowel cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2017 was life-changing. Indeed, following his diagnosis and after five weeks of radiotherapy treatment each weekday, plus a six-hour operation, Anthony was – and still is – thanking Weston Park for saving his life.

“I was very conscious that I had to tell my children,” said Anthony, recalling his diagnosis experience.

“They’re two very bright people, in their twenties, and I didn’t want to cover up what the situation was. On the other hand, there was no point panicking – we needed to get through it as best we could.”

Anthony underwent radiotherapy each weekday for five consecutive weeks and took chemotherapy tablets for the duration of his treatment. He then had surgery to remove what remained of the tumour.

Fortunately, Anthony was given the all-clear – but the experience changed his perception of life forever.

Anthony and Ant Marketing’s support for Weston Park Cancer Charity has been unwavering. In addition to its headline sponsorship of the Weston Park Gala Ball earlier this year, the organisation will also be the title sponsor of the Weston Park Race Evening at Doncaster Racecourse on Friday 3 June 2022.

And Anthony is thankful for improvements in treatment which helped make his experience a positive one – improvements which Weston Park Cancer Charity continues to support by enabling cancer research in Sheffield.

“The experience was quite amazing. I met some incredible people at Weston Park,” said Anthony.

“After my operation, which was a big one, I said to my consultant there ‘sir, you have saved my life’ and he said ‘no, Weston Park saved your life’. It was so powerful, and that’s the reason for my support. Weston Park is Sheffield at its best.”

For more information on our cancer support services, call 0114 553 3330 or email

For more information or to find out more about partnering with Weston Park Cancer Charity, call 0114 553 3330 or email

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